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For all our sweet tooth army, thanks to you, we've gone completely viral on TikTok with our mixes!

Our unique mixes are handpicked by our sweet experts in the UK & US making sure you've got enough variety in your pack and shipped directly to your house.

Every month we drop new mixes and flavours so make sure that if you like these months flavours, you grab them because they're not going to be around for long!

  • Handpicked with care

    All our mixes are handpicked by our team giving you enough variety and choice. No pack is ever the same!

  • Enough to last you a while!

    Each pick and mix has enough sweets to last you 3 days- assuming you're not a sweet savage and munch everything in one go!

  • Worldwide Supply

    We scour every corner of the globe to bring you the most unique sweets to put into our pick and mixes. Say no to the same old boring sweets.

Helping cure 1000's of sweet cravings!

The best sweets on TikTok!

You've seen sweets all over your TikTok feed, but you've never seen it like this! Here at CandyChaosCrew, we're switching things up!